Advantage of Artificial Turf

    • Can be easily and economically install to various basic surface with general quality. No crack or shedding.
    • Easy maintenance for turf with less charge. Wash off the dirt with water. No fading or deformation etc.
    • Good appearance for overall arrangement of artificial turf sports yard and longer life span for above eight years. Durable for continuous usage.
    • Environmental materials for artificial turf and construction by finished production lasts shorter fixing period. Easy for control quality and inspection.
    • Artificial turf can not only absorb shock without noise, but secure harmlessness, elasticity and good flammable resistance etc. Suitable for school as optimum fields for activities, trainings and tournaments etc. at present.
    • Adopt environmental concept to avoid sports injury. Provide with abundant buffering and reduce the potential injuries to foot by ground without any anxiety to fields.
    • No contact between base and surface layer. Replace the surface after expiration for lower cost.
    • Adopt special arenaceous quartz with high specific gravity treated by high temperature for turf clearance to avoid contaminating the environment and dressing.
    • Lineation adopts direct lining for easy maintenance without any charge.

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