Basic Construction Requirements for Artificial Turf Sports Yard

There are three kinds of material bases for artificial turf: concrete base, asphaltum base and lime earth base.
Solution I Concrete base
1.Smoothness: Qualified rate above 95% and the tolerance for 5m ruler 3mm.
2.tortoise back drainage style, curve channel 8‰, straight channel 5‰, semicircle 5‰ with smooth surface to ensure drainage.
3.Intensity and stability:
Firm and even surface without crack or bad margin. Seam should be smooth and suitable size is about 6000x6000mm and the cushion should be tightened for density above 95%. After pressed by medium grinder, it should not occur evident wheel track, loose earth or wave etc.
4.Waterproof layer adopt new thickened waterproof PVC film with joint larger than 200mm and margin larger than 150mm.
5.Maintenance period is 21 days for base.
6.Position: Mark every line of field with firm and evident signs for accurate operation and line requirements.

Solution II Asphaltum base
1.Smoothness: The base owns certain intensity and stability without crack or bulge caused by freezing. Qualified rate above 95% and tolerance for 3m ruler 3mm
2.Slope: Transverse<1%, lengthways<1‰, Jumping <4‰ with smooth surface to ensure drainage.
3.Intensity and stability:
Asphaltum base adopts asphaltum materials without or with less asphaltum and the asphaltum mixture should be tightened completely. Surface should be even, firm and smooth without crack or bad margin or rough surface. The seam should be smooth. Gravel diameter for asphaltum concrete layer should be 2-5mm, including oil 5.8-6.4%. Gravel diameter for joint layer should be 6-9mm, including oil 4.6-5.8%. No peel, loose earth or wave etc.
4.Drainage: Drainage system should drain the seeper within 2 hours after heavy rain.
5.Maintenance period is 28 days for base

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