Service Warranty

一.Warranty consent
Our company warranties the performance of our artificial turf products could meet requirements under correct usage during warranty period after the delivery date.
Detailed warranty period is as follows: (Provided by our company according to ordered products)
*Warranty period is determined by using method or location of products.
二.Warranty content
1.This warranty is based on our right to make inspection, sampling and testing for the artificial turf.
2.The surface of turf is the source of compensation issue. All claim should be submitted in writing, attached with turf sample, filling material sample, installation date, installation company name, quantity and product sample etc.
3.All operation of this warranty terms will be engaged by our authorized experts. If the user or owner replaces or repairs the turf by own without our writing approval, the warranty will not work any more immediately.
三.Warranty conditions
The warranty will not be applicable for following situations::
1.The products are not applied to sports yard or beautification. The products are used on occasion other than design or installation purpose of production.
2.Improper shoes or sports equipments
3 Install to areas with altitude higher than 1500m or 5000ft
4.The surface of field is treated by mechanical equipments or chemicals.
5.Improper cleaning method
6.Improper maintenance and repair
7.Manual damage on purpose
8.Over-friction to turf yarn by mechanism during or after installation
9.Use filling materials including with sulfur more than 2% or the performance could not meet each requirement issued by sports organizations such as FIFA or UEFA.
10.Normal abrasion after usage is not considered as product fault and not included in this warranty. Normal abrasion is determined by using frequency of turf and local climate.
11.Reduce the duration warranty accordingly for overuse situation, such as fields for 5-person tournament, football or basketball etc.
四.Counterclaim conditions
1.The claim should be submitted within 30 days after occurrence of faults.
2.In any case, our company will not be responsible for expense or damage loss, no matter directly or indirectly, accidentally or certainly in any form. Besides, our company will not ensure or authorize any delegate or individual to take any liability or responsibility other than those specified in this warranty.
3.The warranty will go into effect after payment of turf. Unpaid products will not be warranted.
4.Our company will not be responsible for any expense or charge caused by testing, inspection or consulting by the buyer or others. The buyers should check the products immediate they receive the goods. Any incompliance or fault found in the products should be submitted to our company in writing within 30 days after delivery. Otherwise it will be considered as faultless product and our company will not be responsible.
5.The warranty replaces all other warranties provided by our company.

五.Force majeure
If the turf is suffered force majeure, our company will be relieved from the responsibility of damage. We will notice the treatment in writing and coordinate within legitimate range.

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