Quality Warranty Terms

Warranty conditions as below:
1.The artificial turf should be installed by professional team using good quality material in accordance with Leisutan standards. The warranty does not include charges for removal or re-installation of turf.
2.Adopt accurate sports shoes according to the surface status of sports yard.
3.The surface of sports yard should be maintained according to suggestion by suppliers or sports groups.
4.Install the turf to areas with altitude less than 1500m or 5000ft.
5.The surface of sports yard could not be treated by any mechanical equipment or chemical.
6.Reduce the duration warranty accordingly for overuse situation, such as 5-person tournament or football match etc.
7.It is suggested to use within 4 hours every day and not to use the turf when outdoor temperature less than -5℃ or higher than 40℃.
8.Reduce the friction to turf yarn as much as possible. Do not warranty the quality if the turf yarn is seriously scratched mechanically during or after installation.
9.If filling materials are adopted, the materials should be good production including with sulfur less than 2% and should be in accordance with each requirement issued by sports organizations such as FIFA and UEFA. Or the installation company could provide criteria for operation.
10.The compensation amount does not exceed the value of our provided turf. If there is any conflict between each warranty as above and sales terms of our company, it should act according to our sales terms.

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