Maintenance for Leisutan Artificial Turf

Clean the artificial turf every week within 6-8 weeks after installation. Make grit even and grass upright to ensure the height of grit within 18-20mm.
Prohibit trample during snowy days. Clean up the snow on surface for usage.
Wash the artificial turf by water during 3-6 months after usage to keep the color and to cold arenaceous quartz for steadily protecting turf.
2.Sundries in turf:
Things such as leaf, pine needle, nut or gum etc will cause the tangle, stain or besmirch. Avoid damage to turf by such things especially before sports.
3.Water inleakage:
Prevent sewage inleakage to turf with sundries. Build up a circle of kerbstone around turf during operation to prevent sewage inleakage.
4.Tips for usage of artificial turf fields
The artificial turf sports yard is used only for physical training or athletic tournament, prohibiting other function. Wear special sports shoes when entering yards.
Prohibit bringing cigarette, fire source, gum, organic solution or chemicals to yards
Prohibit spiked shoes with above 7mm nails.
Prohibit any driving of motor vehicle.
Prohibit laying heavy weight on the turf for a long time.
Prohibit lift the margin of turf on purpose.
Prohibit falling sports on turf such as shot-put, javelin throw, discus or others.

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